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Case studies are posted regularly and the moderators response follows a few days after a case is posted. Please feel free to post your ideas we may find you have a better answer than the moderator!

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A Bit of Fresh Air - 9/21/2009
In relation to office ergonomics:
What is this structure? And why would you recommend this?

Moderators Response:
This is an air vent diffuser and you would recommend this if the employee’s desk is directly under or near an air vent to help control the immediate working environment
Air conditioning vent that displaces the air so that it does not blow dorectly down onto a spot
It looks like an air vent but not sure why you would use it
An air vent. It functions to displace air more equally into a room.
This is an air duct. Its air delivery is wide spread and not directly downward. One could suggest it for a multitude of reasons for pain control and cold hypersensitivity, etc. One could suggest magnetic sheets that could stick onto it add to air direction off of the person having problems.
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