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Case studies are posted regularly and the moderators response follows a few days after a case is posted. Please feel free to post your ideas we may find you have a better answer than the moderator!

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A Lucky Day - 5/11/2010
A 61 year old male is post/op dupuytren’s contracture for the little finger PIPJ.

1. What are your expectations
2. What is your ROM goal?

Moderators Response:
While MPJ contractures are expected to have complete correction regardless of contracture or surgical correction, PIPJ corrections are not as favorable.
Less than 25% of PIPJ contractures are fully corrected. The PIPJ of the little finger is the most difficult to fully correct and over 75% of the time full extension is not obtained regardless of the severity of the contracture or the method of treatment. Your ROM goal is to achieve full flexion.
Depends on the intra operative ROM achieved by MD. With nightime splinting for about 6 months hopefully he will have lack less than 20 of full extension
Full flexion of the small finger. Probably not full ext. of the small finger at the IP joint.
painful, edema. ROM will be AROM
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